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Over 30 years providing American Heart Association CPR and First Aid Training.


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Cardiacare is committed to providing quality service and superior CPR instruction. We are a family owned business and have been providing instructional services for over 30 years.


Our CPR classes are taught by American Heart Association instructors. The programs are video based with lots of hands on practice. After you complete our courses you will have gained the skills necessary to face an emergency with confidence.

  • American Heart Association Certifications

  • Friendly and Courteous Instructors

  • Training At Your Location

  • Evenings and Weekends Available

  • Group Discounts

See our CPR Classes page for more information​

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Imagine you are at the yearly family reunion. Everyone is sitting around the table having a great time and your mother or father collapses to the floor. It appears they have stopped breathing and are unconscious. What will you do? 

The question is, will you be prepared? CPR and First Aid training can save the life of a loved one or anyone fortunate enough to have you help during a time of need. CPR stands for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation – it is basically a combination of chest compressions with breaths administered to the victim.

Located in La Habra, Cardiacare CPR and First Aid Instruction offers American Heart Association authorized CPR and First Aid classes to your communities in LA and OC. Learn how to help a loved one, as in the situation above, so they have a chance to live another day.

Lets consider why CPR is vital to know and what you can gain from taking a CPR class.

What is CPR?

When a person sufferers from an injury, drowns, has a heart attack or stroke, they may stop breathing or their heart may stop beating. CPR is a technique that is used to help individuals in such a situation. CPR should be started right away so that oxygen rich blood can be pumped to the brain by means of chest compressions and rescue breaths. 

CPR is accomplished by providing oxygen to the victim's lungs by means of rescue breaths by using a bag-valve mask, CPR mask, or mouth-to-mouth ventilation. This new oxygen can then be diffused into the blood by the body and when you provide chest compressions this oxygen rich blood reaches the brain and prevents brain cells from dying due to lack of oxygen. 

It is critical for oxygen rich blood to be circulated through the body to the brain until EMS takes over.  Your goal is to give the victim life prolonging help so they have a chance of being revived by the medical professions that have advanced techniques and drugs that can revive them.

CPR can be used to save the life of anyone. Infants and children often need CPR due to respiratory arrest such as a near-drowning incident, choking, SIDS, or a respiratory illness such as asthma.

Should YOU Learn CPR?

By learning CPR from Cardiacare CPR & First Aid Instruction, you are impowered to help your friends, neighbors or most importantly a family member when tragedy strikes. CPR and First Aid Training will teach you how to deal with various emergency situations. This will help you to stay calm knowing what to do and how to help when a person gets hurt, is choking, bleeding, suffering from an illness, etc. 

The most important thing you can do for someone who has stopped breathing or has experienced cardiac arrest is to perform CPR. Really CPR is not hard. The two basic steps are to do chest compressions 30 times and then give 2 breaths using a CPR mask, bag-valve mask or mouth-to-mouth. If you don't want to do rescue breaths on a someone because you don't have a CPR mask, you can still help with Compression Only CPR (see video below for details). 

Remember, the person who will most likely receive your help is your children or other family members. Don't let them down by not learning this simple technique.

Check out our list of classes today! You never know when knowing these skills might come in handy. And, best of all, our instructors make learning fun while providing students with hands-on experience on CPR manikins. Training takes place at your facility so no need to travel or be inconvenienced by leaving the office. 

Learn To Save A Life!

We, at Cardiacare, are committed to providing affordable, quality CPR classes to the LA and Orange County area. We have been serving these communities for over 30 years. 

We provide only the best instruction and are authorized American Heart Association (AHA) instructors. Our classes are designed to fit your personal/business needs and we will work with your schedule for convenient class times.


If you are concerned about breathing on another person or feel your skills are not good enough to perform CPR, you can still help. Remember doing something is better than doing nothing! Check out this video on how to perform Hands Only CPR.

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